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As an author, I understand the longing to reach readers with your words. You want to publish a book and more than anything you want people to actually read it. That's where a Book Coach comes in. You've already tried everything you could think of (and Google could find) with little to no results. And now you feel hopeless. It doesn't have to be this hard to get results.

I’ve been in that pit of despair too. You know the one, where you hustle, work hard spinning your wheels only to discover nothing is working. That’s why I studied marketing in College, discovered they didn’t know much about book marketing and became certified as a Book Launch Coach and Certified Story Grid Editor

Book Coach Marissa Frosch


  • Author Alicia Gaile
    I was blown away by how in-depth Marissa’s platform analysis was. She gave clear, detailed, constructive feedback on how to improve my website, social media, and mailing lists. The in-depth tips and strategies she suggested to boost engagement for my mailing lists and reach out to other authors was invaluable. I wholeheartedly recommend her services to anyone looking for help with their author platform. Click here to check out Alicia's books and website.
    I wholeheartedly recommend her services
    Author, Alicia Gaile
  • VS Holmes Testimonial Raven's Quill Publishing
    I began working with Marissa years ago when we were both starting our publishing journey. I’m the classic introverted writer type, so as much as I love my work and want to share it, I had trouble with the outreach and marketing aspects of the indie author path. Marissa changed all that. Like me, she’s introverted, but marketing is truly her calling. She understands the book world and keeps her fingers on its ever-changing pulse. And did I mention her dedication to educating herself? Each time the market or algorithms change, she’s on top of it, focusing on how to fit a new tactic into her strategy. She walked me through the all-important newsletter, ads, and how to effectively reach out to influencers. I know I wouldn’t be where I am today without her dogged attention and insight! V.S. Holmes is the author of diverse and lyrical science-fiction and fantasy books. Check out her website.
    I wouldn’t be where I am today without Marissa’s dogged attention and insight!
    Author, V.S. Holmes of Amphibian Press
  • 5
    Last month I published my first book on Amazon, called the Haunted Locations Index: New York. As a complete beginner in the industry, I had SO MANY questions, and in all honesty, I needed some hand-holding through the process... Marissa from Raven's Quill Publishing was (and still is) my first and best resource for everything related to my website and business. She was not only able to answer all of my questions, but also provide valuable opinions, feedback, and advice that I just couldn't get without consulting an expert one-on-one.
    My business and website are both very unique, but Marissa was able to quickly learn about my business and my goals in order to assess my situation and formulate relevant and helpful advice. No matter where you are with your business, Marissa can help you figure out what the "next step" is for you; in custom-tailored advice for YOU and YOUR business. No more generic marketing videos with strategies that don't work. Over the last several months Marissa has helped me bring from a dream into the realm of reality, and I couldn't be more thankful and excited for the future.
    Thank you Marissa!!!
    Tailored Advice for YOU and YOUR Business


What is an author platform?

A platform is what you use to sell your books and reach fans. It's your website, appearances, email list, content (podcast/blog posts), and social media.

Making sure everything is set up properly is key to creating long term success as an author. It's not something I can wave a magic wand over and fix, but I do know how to look at what you're doing and see the holes in your efforts. I can also help you start off on the right foot.

What do you look for in a manuscript?

I'm not interested in publishing a million, a thousand, or even one hundred books a year. I'm looking for quality work that moves me. Projects I can connect with and are inclusive. I look for real stories about real people (that doesn't mean I only do nonfiction or realistic settings. It means diversity is real and I want to see it in stories and books).

My favorite things to read are big idea and inspirational non-fiction, paranormal romance, chick lit/women's fiction, war books especially those with brotherhood or with strong romance plots.

See my submissions page for details.

What do you offer authors that’s different than the Big Five or Self-Publishing?

At Raven's Quill Publishing we're here to help. I don't want to take your royalties. If I could convince every author to self-publishing I would.

I'm a firm believer in the author getting the money for their book. You put years into this project you deserve more than 15% of royalties. But the truth is self-publishing is not for everyone and I'd like to help make sure those authors get the best help they can. As a Certified Book Launch Coach, I can work with you one-on-one to develop and execute your marketing strategy and get your career off the ground while paying out a higher share to you, the author.

I'm also working my Story Grid Editor Certification which gives me unique insight into story and helps me select the ones that will resonate with readers. It also gives me the ability to work with authors to create the very best books they can. I've published a book that was less than adequate before and it's a terrible feeling I'd like to save you from. The Story Grid is a series of tools that do just that.

I also believe that editors put a lot into a book and have earned some of the money. As a result, I like to them a small royalty share. This is based off the Story Grid model of publishing which Shawn and Tim developed after years in the publishing industry and personally, I believe its the best model out there for authors who don't want to self-publish.

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